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The Rebirth OF A King


MASTA STEELE - Murder Murder

Lamont Williams - Aka "Masta Steele" was born in Southern California and raised in the Bay area (San Jose Ca.) deeply rooted in the hip-hop culture Steele fell in love with music and the power in which it possessed and the feeling of freedom from battling in cyphers to recording and releasing projects Steele has built a strong fan base not just in Cali but overseas as well. With projects like Million Dollar Dream, True Soulja, a slew of mix tapes freestyles, the game is now keeping an eye on the OG. Coming from living a life in the streets of San Jose and the bay area Steele decided to take his god giving talents and pursue music wholeheartedly also moving into Script-writing and directing he has broadened his horizons popping up in the Online Fox Movie Series Age of the Living Dead.The future is bright for the upcoming Mogul with a trifecta of companies TRUE SKOO VISION(film)/ TRUE SKOO MUSICK and TRUE SKOO ERA CLOTHING CO. Nothing came easy many dues where paid in full in travels to become who Masta Steele is today.
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